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How to Pack and Ship a Trumpet

With very few and rare exceptions, the safest way to ship your trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn is generously cushioned in a separate box, and NOT in a case.

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Lay the horn lengthwise on the bubble wrap.
Tie the 1st and 3rd slides with twister-ties or pipe-cleaners or attach with poly bands.

Picture 1 Picture 2


Wrap the horn in bubblewrap by turning end-over-end (long-ways) until it is encased by 6 layers of bubblewrap all around. Wrapping it this way protects the parts most likely to get damaged (the bell flare on one end, and the bell bow and receiver on the other) if the box were to get crushed.

Picture 3 Picture 4


Tape the bubblewrap on the horn in 3 places: up by the bell, around the valve section, and around the receiver end.  This is to keep the horn from shifting in the bubblewrap. 

Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7


Place the wrapped horn in the box, and add additional layers of bubblewrap (or crunched kraft paper or newspaper, or peanuts) as necessary to fill the box TIGHTLY and eliminate any possibility of shifting within the box.

Picture 8 Picture 9

Include a copy of the shipping information inside the box, and tape the box closed securely.