Instrument Appraisal & Valuation

Date: December, 2006

Re: Martin Dansant Bb/A Trumpet s/n 59XXX

Instrument Identification and Description

This small bore (.420") Dansant Model Bb/A trumpet was manufactured by the Martin Band Instrument Company in Elkhart Indiana circa 1923.

This finish of this trumpet is original unrestored satin silver plate with gold wash inside of the bell flair. The uniquely small bell rim is 4" in diameter. The plating is 95% intact. The overall condition is very good to excellent. The fingerbuttons have mother of pearl inserts in excellent condition. There are no dents. It does show evidence of repairs as follows: the leadpipe was re-attached and shows some solder at the brace joints; there is some evidence of minor dent removal in the bell bow area; there are several scratches through the silver on the mouthpiece receiver. The bell flair is engraved with a floral pattern surrounding the makers mark which reads MARTIN; Handcraft; DANSANT; ELKHART; IND. The serial number, 59XXX is stamped on the right side of the 2nd valve casing. The left side of the 2nd valve casing is stamped with an "S" denoting the small bore size.

The instrument is in the original case, which is in good condition.


Instrument Maintenance, Repair, and Upgrade History

The current owner purchased this instrument in 2006 for $650.00 In late 2006 the trumpet was serviced at the Doctor Valve shop. It received a valve overhaul, chem cleaning and polishing, dent removal, and the slides were unstuck and repaired as necessary. The total cost of this service was $645 not including the shipping costs of $80.

Fair Market and Insurance Replacement Valuation Information

Martin trumpets are very sought after and this keeps the value of these instruments high and rising. This particular trumpet model, the Dansant, is very rare, and the fact that is is a small bore makes it even more rare. This is a prime example of this model. This is an excellent player and would be quite difficult to replace.

This trumpet is currently valued at $1,500.00.


Steve Winans

Doctor Valve